Interested Milan high school seniors may apply beginning in mid to late December of each year for scholarships that they meet the criteria for.  A description and eligibility criteria are listed under each named scholarship.

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How to Apply

The scholarship applications will be available mid-late December and are due in February, 2020.

To Apply:

  • Download and print the application form (click Apply Now within individual scholarships)
  • Complete it legibly
  • Turn in the application and any required info to Ms. Goffee before the deadline.

2019 Scholarships Awarded

See all the bright, young scholarship recipients over the last year....

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GMACF Scholarship Funds

Thanks to the generosity of our donors who care deeply about the youth of Milan, we are able to award 10+ scholarships per year to help students pursue higher education. Each scholarship has specific criteria and a separate application/requirements that must be met in order to be considered.

Caroline O’Donnell/Judy Heath Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the O’Donnell & Heath families in 2013 to provide scholarships to Milan High S…

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David Glenn Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by Pauline Glenn in 2007 to honor her son, David Glenn, who was a Milan High School teacher…

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Duane and Isabelle Schultz Milan Area Schools Alumni Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was endowed in 2008 by Duane & Isabelle Schultz for Milan High School graduating seniors. Award: (2…

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Eric Harrison Memorial Scholarship

To honor the memory of their son, Connie & Tim Harrison established this scholarship in 2011.  Eric set a very high …

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Ethan C. Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship established by Ann Jones in 2006 in honor of Ethan Jones,  provides scholarships to graduating seniors …

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Ethel Richards Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the Richards family in 2007 to provide scholarships to Milan High School graduating seni…

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Evelyn (Hitchingham) Gerstenberg Scholarship

This scholarship, endowed in 2007 by the Gerstenberg Family, was established to provide scholarships to Milan High Schoo…

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Joe O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship

Recently created by his family to honor the memory of Joe O’Donnell. The GMACF is taking donations to establish th…

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Milan Adult Education Scholarship

This fund was established by Connie Cox in 2013 to assist committed students completing the Milan Adult Education progra…

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Milan Area Schools Board of Education Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed by the Milan Board of Education in 2007 by combining multiple small scholarships some datin…

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Ronnie and Paulette Shores Scholarship Fund

This scholarship endowed in 2007 by Nina Pemberton and the Milan Area Schools was established to provide scholarships to…

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Michael A. Tittiger Sustainability & Conservation Scholarship

This scholarship, endowed by Dr. Rachel Butts, was established to provide tuition assistance to Milan High School gradua…

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