Ways to Give

Each individual, family, or organization we work with has unique charitable interests… and unique financial circumstances. We help you make the most of both to do lasting good work in your community.


  • We offer a variety of giving methods tailored to your interests
  • Gifts to the Greater Milan Area Community Foundation are fully tax deductible and possibly eligible for the Michigan Tax Credit.

Types of Giving

Outright Gift

An outright gift is a donation of cash or other assets such as stock, real estate or personal property.



A bequest of cash, securities or real property can significantly reduce the taxes otherwise payable by your estate. Your heirs benefit and the Fund continues your good work in your name permanently, a living symbol of your care and concern for others. For information on specific bequest language contact us.

Gift Annuity

You can make a gift of cash or property to your community foundation now, get immediate tax benefits, and ensure that you or a loved one receive fixed quarterly or annual income payments for life.


Charitable Remainder Trust

Deferred gifts may be created so that you or someone you love can receive a lifetime income. At the death of the first beneficiary, the remainder of the trust passes to GMACF to create a fund for whatever charitable purposes the donor has specified. These trusts provide current income tax deductions and/or estate tax deductions.

Charitable Lead Trust

Pass Income to Your Children or Grandchildren–Charitable Lead Trusts provide income to a fund in the community foundation for whatever charitable purposes the donor has specified. After a set number of years, the remaining principal of the Trust, any accumulated appreciation, can then be distributed to children, grandchildren or other named individuals.

Retirement Plan Assets

A donor can use retirement plan assets [401(k), Keogh, 403(b)] to create a fund in GMACF for purposes the donor has specified. Also, retirement assets combined with charitable remainder trusts and life insurance trusts can be a  valuable way of maximizing benefits from retirement plans.


**GMACF reserves the right to refuse any gift if, in the sole judgement of the Board of Trustees,  it is
not in the best interests of the foundation.

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