Grants Awarded

The Greater Milan Area Community Foundation has awarded over $680, 000 in grants and scholarships in a rich variety of community initiatives, such as:

  • The Arts and Music
  • Community Development
  • Community Volunteering
  • Economic Development
  • The Environment
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health and Wellness
  • Primary/Secondary Education
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Science and Technology


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GMACF Grants Awarded

Washtenaw Area Council for Children

The GMACF is partnering with the Washtenaw Area Council for Children in a cyber safety and resiliency project, reaching from the classroom into the community-at-large. This is an admirable and much-needed initiative that we support wholeheartedly.

Milan Historical Society

The Donald E. Harkness Community Enrichment Fund also joined in to support the Milan Historical Society. This year, the Hack House is in need of foundation repairs to keep it standing. A staple in our community since 1888, we can’t move forward in Milan without knowing where we’ve been. We appreciate the Historical Society’s efforts in keeping Milan’s history alive.

Milan Public Library

Our beloved Milan Public Library! Always thinking in community-terms, and investing in things they think we might enjoy. How can we not support them? This year they’re working on some building improvements as well as providing new audiobooks for children that require no additional equipment. Just press play right on the book!

Milan Children’s Preschool

The Milan Children’s Preschool is an organization we love to partner with, as it swoops in with early education for our Milan littles. This year, joining with the Fayne and Joanne McGovern Milan Youth Endowment Fund, we are able to help with some classroom supplies and playground safety equipment.

Aid in Milan

Aid in Milan is the big brother we all wish we had: there for us when we need them, and always thinking about upcoming potential needs in our community. This year is no exception as they plan a new Community Garden. Growing food is good for the belly AND the soul. We’re really looking forward to watching this space develop! This grant is also generously funded by the Armitage/Brainard Milan Beautification Endowment Fund, as well as the Donald E. Harkness Community Enrichment Endowment Fund. We thank them for their contribution!

Milan Seniors for Healthy Living

Milan Seniors for Healthy Living encompasses quite a bit of activity in our small community. They hold events, maintain The Center, provide meals on wheels 5 days a week, educate and enhance the health of Milan area seniors, and more. This year, the GMACF has partnered to help provide activity boxes for home-bound seniors, and continues to assist in the meals on wheels program, particularly as demand has increased in 2020.

Moving Milan Forward

Moving Milan Forward is a staple in our town, and it’s always so fun to see what they’re up to. Tolan Square renovations, and a generator for their stage trailer benefits us all when we come together for community events.

Milan High School

Milan High School is enhancing its Diversity Club exposure and education and all we have to say is: YES. Heck yes.

Milan Area Schools Music Program

Gerald Ford once said, “Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them…” We love that our Milan Middle School has sought out virtual music programs for its students right now. As schools adjust to a new way of operating, it’s important for music programs to have resources, and children to have music.

Milan Educators for Social Justice

Milan Educators for Social Justice is embarking on a necessary and admirable task – to educate from the top and help it trickle down to the classroom and community. The GMACF is proud to partner in this effort.

Milan Middle School

Milan Middle School is proactive in its approach to being relevant and modern as it is enhancing a current student-focused initiative above and beyond textbook teaching. They’re also working on an employee wellness space that steps in to support current employees and no doubt will attract new ones in the future.

Big Red Bundles

Big Red Bundles was a huge success at the start of the school year, providing free school supplies to any student requesting them. We love when the community comes together to support each other in such a way, and thank the Fayne and Joanne McGovern Milan Youth Fund for their role in this venture.