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Board Members

2020 GMACF Board Members at the Annual Gala


Leading in community affairs, the foundation is in a position to understand the needs of the community, investigate the credentials of grant applicants, and determine the viability and impact of proposed projects.

Annual distributions occur annually and are overseen by Grant committee of the board of directors.

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Bryan Girbach

Brian is the longest standing Trustee of the Board, having served since 2008. As the Board’s Community Relations Manager, Bryan acts as liaison to other key organizations in the community such as the school system and Rotary. He likes giving back to a community that has provided his family with so many benefits.

Edward Wollmann

Edward joined the Board as Grantee Relations Manager in 2004. He seeks ways to help disparate groups collaborate as part of our aspiration to offer the community other enterprising resources besides direct financial support. As a long-time non-profit professional, Edward is delighted to be able to serve the greater Milan community at a time when our community is entering such an exciting new era.

Barbara Gardinier

Barbara joined the Board as Local Events Chair & Community Growth Manager in 2004, acting as the liaison to many other local non-profits and non-government organizations. Barbara enjoys enhancing local non-profit organizations and scholarship opportunities that make up an integral part of this generous and growing community of Milan.


Dr. Rachel (Butts) Royal

Rachel got involved with the Foundation in 2010 in response to a need to incorporate research and analytics into the organization. Since, she has served as Trustee, Treasurer, and now President. Rachel’s aspiration as President is to strategically grow the Foundation to the point at which it can meet the majority of the community need.


Todd Schultz

Todd joined the organization in 2013. He serves as Vice President of the Foundation and Grant Committee Chair. He is well known about town for his annual grant award blitz where individuals and organizations are awarded funds on location to fulfill our mission of to improving the cultural, economic, educational, and environmental quality of life in the greater Milan area.

Rebekah DuBois

Rebekah joined the organization in 2016 and has since brought many new ideas to life as part of our growth aspiration. As a leader of the Marketing Committee, she manages the face of our organization outside the community, facilitating new donor and sponsor relationships. This is one of many ways Rebekah serves our community.


Nancy Tetens

She joined the Foundation in 2016 with unmatched gusto. Nancy is now the chair of multiple committees. As a long-time respected member of the community, Nancy is committed to growing the organization by generating awareness of our impact.

Paula Kartje

She joined the organization as Trustee in 2017. Paula chairs the Scholarship Committee and also holds a leadership role on the Marketing Committee. As a trusted leader on the Board, Paula has made a significant impact toward our organization working smarter for the greater good. She enjoys the opportunity to positively impact our community and its residents through the foundations’ work.

Christina McMullen

Chris joined the organization in 2018 as Donor Development Manager. In this role, Chris leads our broader sponsorship strategy, legacy gift strategy, and other growth opportunities. As a long-time non-profit professional, Chris brings industry knowledge and innovative thinking to the Board.

Chantelle Woolard

Chantelle first got involved with the Foundation in 2017 in response to a need to innovate our fundraising capability and processes. Since then, Chantelle has served as Trustee and Board Secretary.  As a life-long resident, Chantelle enjoys seeing how small changes make a big impact over time.

Dr. Eric Peacock

He has served the Foundation since 2017 and is the Assistant Chair of the Grant Committee. Eric’s uniquely insightful perspective has contributed to the organization in countless ways, namely by optimizing the portfolio growth resulting from donors and sponsor investments, and volunteer contributions.

Mary Ochalek

Mary joined the organization in 2017. She has served as Trustee and is now Treasurer. Mary’s determination and endurance have been invaluable to our organization and the many others she is involved in locally. 

Liz Schust

Liz joined the organization in 2018 as Historian and champion scrapbooker. In this important role, Liz ensures the impact and essence of the Foundation is captured through pictures, articles, and personal stories.


Laura Williams

Laura joined the Board in late 2018 as our Assistant Treasurer/Gala Treasurer.  Her expertise in accounting is an important contribution to our annual fundraising gala.  She contributes to our great financial stewardship which ensures portfolio growth enabling investment earnings to be awarded to people, programs, and organizations that execute on our mission to improve life in the greater Milan area.

Brett Fennelly

Brett is a Milan grad and Army Vet who recently completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at EMU. He is now pursuing his MBA while working as an insurance agent at Lumpford Agency. Brett is looking forward to supporting the community and helping the Foundation grow through his position on the Board as Annual Report Chairman!

Michele McGovern

Michele’s experience in communication and social networking makes her an excellent fit as the Foundation focuses on community awareness and involvement. A Milan resident with a family she adores, Michele recognizes the recent growth in Milan and couldn’t be more excited to jump right in through her position on the Board as Marketing Committee Chair.