Best of Luck to our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

And they’re off! Who, you ask? The 15 Milan High School graduates that earned, and were awarded, Greater Milan Area Foundation (GMACF) scholarships this past spring. Back to school season means off to college and vocational school for these young adults, and the GMACF couldn’t be more proud to support them. 

The GMACF awarded over $29,000 in scholarships to Milan High School seniors in 2019. These students completed the requirements outlined for each scholarship, and the monies awarded helps to ease the financial burden for those desiring further education. 

There are currently 11 different types of scholarships available, each one with a specific application and criteria. Some awards target graduates pursuing specific careers while others are general. There are scholarships intended for university and those that can be used for community college or a vocational school.

Each scholarship is privately funded and then managed by the GMACF. Scholarship funds originate from interest earned on an invested amount, making each scholarship available annually. The GMACF would love to see more scholarships available for Milan area graduates. Residents interested in setting up a tax-deductible endowment for scholarship purposes can contact the GMACF at for further information.

Investing in Milan area students can have a lasting impact. Financially supporting their education journey is not only practical, it also conveys trust and confidence in the student. Students that return to place roots in the community that supported them can invest in the area in a personal way. The potential for a cyclical benefit is genuine and exciting.

From Northern Michigan University to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, majoring in everything from nursing to neuroscience to culinary arts… we wish our 2019 scholarship recipients the very best of luck! 

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